It is an absolutely unforgettable experience to visit the numerous lava caves that have formed in Iceland throughout the centuries, and the lava caves on the Golden Circle are unparalleled for many reasons.

Lava caves are formed during volcanic eruptions, which have occurred frequently in Iceland. These peculiar hiding places preserve geological knowledge and mystery, not to mention natural beauty. Inside the lava caves, you can clearly see how new land is shaped, showcasing nature’s unbeatable force.

Lava cave tours in Iceland have gained popularity in recent years, and it’s not difficult to see why. Visitors to our lovely country often include lava cave excursions on their bucket list and the lava caves on the Golden Circle do not disappoint. Lava cave tours can, without a doubt, add an exciting touch to summer vacations for young and old alike.

The lava caves on the Golden Circle are enjoying ever-growing popularity, and we strive to organize our tours responsibly to balance the preservation of the caves and minimize impact. We offer various lava cave tours in our national park at Þingvellir. Our groups are small, allowing our guides to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone and ensuring that the journey becomes memorable. We take our time during the tours to ensure that haste and stress don’t take away from the experience.

Lava cave tours are diverse since no two caves are alike. Therefore, everyone should find something suitable for their preferences. Those who prefer a less challenging adventure can join us in Gjábakkahellir, also known as Helguhellir (Holy Cave) and Stelpuhellir (Maiden Cave). This cave stretches 364 meters and was formed about nine thousand years ago. Gjábakkahellir is an open cave, with high ceilings and spacious walls. However, the cave is rugged and doesn’t allow any rushed visits, which simply allows more time to admire the magnificent rock formations.

For those who want to challenge themselves a bit more, they can join us in Litli Björn (Small Bear), the longest cave in the Þingvellir area, despite its name suggesting otherwise. Litli Björn is a unique lava cave on the Golden Circle, measuring 550 meters in length. The cave becomes narrower as you progress, eventually requiring you to crawl through the final passage. However, Litli Björn is not as rugged as Gjábakkahellir, making the journey somewhat easier in that regard.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning Tintron in Gjábakkahraun, a narrow lava cave that likely formed due to intense steam upwelling. In this tour, guests descend thirteen meters vertically into the ground until reaching the bottom of the cave. Inside the cave, visitors can explore the rocky cliffs and then utilize a specially designed ladder to ascend back up. It is important to note that the utmost safety precautions are always taken in Tintron, as well as other caves.

Lava caves on the Golden Circle create a world of wonders for people of all ages. We Icelanders are fortunate enough to possess such untouched and stunning nature wherever we look. Through lava cave tours, we have the opportunity to connect with nature and, at the same time, experience the history of the land in an entirely new way.

All you need are good hiking boots; we’ll take care of the rest.