Volcanoes in Iceland are as different as they are many, with Iceland boasting around 30 active volcanic systems. From explosive eruptions to dormant calderas, these geological marvels have shaped Iceland’s identity and continue to awe visitors from around the globe.

A Powerful Force

Volcanoes in Iceland are the result of the tectonic plate boundary running through the North Atlantic Ocean, where the Eurasian and North American plates collide. This dynamic interaction gives rise to an abundance of volcanic activity, both on land and underwater.

While Iceland is home to numerous impressive volcanoes, let’s focus on the giants that dominate the island.

1. Eyjafjallajökull: The Notorious Eruption

One of Iceland’s most famous volcanoes, Eyjafjallajökull, gained global attention with its 2010 eruption. Though the eruption caused disruptions in air travel, it also put Iceland’s volcanic beauty in the spotlight. The ice-capped peak offers stunning vistas, and the surrounding landscape showcases the resilience of nature after the fiery outburst.

2. Katla: The Sleeping Giant

Katla, located beneath the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, is one of Iceland’s most active and potentially hazardous volcanoes. Its last eruption was in 1918, and experts keep a watchful eye on it. Despite its powerful reputation, Katla’s beauty is undeniable, with its ice-capped summit and surrounding glacial landscapes.

3. Hekla: The Gateway to Hell

Once believed to be the entrance to the underworld, Hekla is one of Iceland’s most iconic volcanoes. Over the centuries, it has earned the moniker “Gateway to Hell” due to its frequent and violent eruptions. Today, Hekla offers captivating hiking opportunities, allowing visitors to experience the mystical allure of this mighty volcano.

4. Askja Volcano: Otherworldly landscape

Nestled in the remote highlands, Askja is a caldera system formed by numerous eruptions. Its Víti crater contains a geothermal lake, and the landscape around it is otherworldly, resembling lunar terrain.

5. Krafla Volcano: Scientific hotspot

Located in the northeast, Krafla is a central volcano known for its 1975-1984 eruptive period. The Krafla caldera and its surrounding geothermal area are hotspots for scientific research and a unique sightseeing experience.

6. Laki Volcano: Haunting landscape

Infamous for its 1783-1784 eruption, the Laki fissure system caused catastrophic consequences worldwide. Its lava fields and craters make for an extraordinary, albeit haunting, landscape to explore.

7. Grímsvötn Volcano: The most active one

Hidden beneath the Vatnajökull ice cap, Grímsvötn is Iceland’s most active volcano. Its subglacial eruptions often lead to glacial floods and awe-inspiring ash plumes.

8. Bárðarbunga Volcano: Inside the national park

Lying beneath the Vatnajökull glacier, Bárðarbunga is a powerful central volcano. Its 2014-2015 eruption produced one of Iceland’s largest lava flows, covering vast areas with molten rock.

Photo: Toby Elliott

These eight volcanoes offer a glimpse into Iceland’s geological heritage and serve as a reminder of the raw power of nature that shapes this extraordinary island. For those seeking to explore the fascinating world of volcanoes, Iceland’s diverse and dynamic landscape provides an unparalleled opportunity to witness these fiery marvels up close. The most recent volcanic site in Iceland is Reykjanes peninsula, with scientist predicting that the peninsula will be home for numerous volcanic eruptions for the next hundreds of years.

Lava Cave Tours: Unraveling the Mysteries

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The Golden Circle is a mesmerizing route that encompasses some of Iceland’s most iconic landmarks, including geysers, waterfalls, and volcanic landscapes. As part of this adventure, our lava cave tours offer an opportunity to step back in time and explore the dark and mysterious underground world.

With its awe-inspiring volcanoes, mesmerizing landscapes, and enchanting lava cave tours, Iceland beckons adventurers from all corners of the world. As you soak in the wonders of this Nordic gem, you’ll come to understand why Iceland is a bucket-list destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

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Feature image: Toby Elliott