Price from: 9990 ISK

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

Gjábakkahellir, within the Þingvellir national park, is a lava tunnel created around 9000 years ago. The tunnel is 364 meters (1194 feet) long. This old lava tunnel exhibits beautiful rock formations created by the flowing lava.

Gjábakkahellir is one of a potential network of many such tunnels discovered in the area. Over the last few thousand years, the process of cooling rock and shifting ground has sculpted the tunnel to reveal layers of mineral rich rock while still retaining some of the original layers of rock. Due to this the tunnel is rocky and involves having to scramble over rock a little.

This is one of our most popular caving tours as it gives you a sense of being in a cave without the anxiety of claustrophobia due to the very large chamber. The perfect cave for first time cavers.

Tour information
  •  Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
  •  Difficulty: Moderate
  •  Group Size: 1:11
  •  No skills required.
We provide you with
  •  Helmet
  •  Headlamp
Bring with you
  •  Hiking Boots
  •  Gloves